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Best Computer Desk with Hutch Reviews

A computer desk with hutch is one of the most common things being used around the world these days. People are now prone to use them than ever before and you will certainly find them in almost everyone’s apartments and living areas. The old fashioned tables and desks which were designed for the computers are passé and being replaced at the fastest rate at present. Considering you spend a significant amount of time working on your desk, it is natural that you want more space while being convenient to work on.
A computer desk with a hutch is ideal for the workplace scenario – it holds all the items together in one place and you don’t have to spend time to find these things elsewhere, making you more productive.
There are several myths associated with the hutch. Firstly, people tend to think that the hutch will actually take up a lot of space, whereas the truth is, having a hutch can actually save you a lot of space. Imagine having a desk without a hutch; now you need to keep your files, books and stationary elsewhere– making you reach there every time you need those. Having a hutch on your desk not only saves you time but also it makes the space utilization at maximum.

What are the pros of desks having a hutch?

  • These are more functional and make the space more productive for storage and work.
  • The hutch allows you to transform any space into your work space
  • These can also be attached to the already existing computer table and are movable
  • You can get them customized as per your needs

What are the cons of having a hutch on a computer desk?

  • Once a hutch has been installed, the whole unit is quite rigid and unmovable
  • The hutch has to be made to fit every layout or else it won’t fit into your next apartment.

Many people also use a corner desk with hutch as it creates the illusion of more space yet being compact at the same time. Let’s have a look at a handpicked list of top 10 best Computer desks with hutch that are the best combinations of price, convenience and functionality.
The computer desks are classified here into three categories which are: I-Shaped, U Shaped and Corner.

Corner Computer Desk with Hutch

  • Corner L Shaped Office Desk with Hutch, Black and Cherry
  • Black and Cherry
  • 60.13 inches x 49.12 inches x 47.06 inches
  • 102 pounds
  • Wood
  • Studio RTA A-Tower Corner Wood Computer Desk with Hutch in Pewter and Cherry
  • Cherry
  • 24.8 x 47.8 x 73.2 inches
  • 63 pounds
  • Wood
  • Cabot Collection Corner Desk, Hutch
  • Espresso Oak
  • 66.46 inches x 35.71 inches x 59.45 inches
  • 60 pounds
  • Laminate
  • Flash Furniture Blue Corner Computer Desk with Hutch
  • Blue, White - Pink, White
  • 28.5 inches x 24 inches x 39 inches
  • 43.6 pounds
  • Steel
  • Sauder Office Furniture Harbor View L-Shaped (Corner) Desk with Hutch and Reversible Storage, Cherry/Antique Black
  • Black/Cherry - Cherry, White
  • 14.125x 19.5 x 23.25 inches
  • 102 pounds
  • Wood

Corner L-Shaped Office Desk with Hutch, Black and Cherry

1.Corner L-Shaped Office Desk with Hutch, Black and Cherry:

This is the first one in our list and for all the right reasons. This office desk appears sleek and elegant and the main L-shaped desk gives you enough room to keep your accessories beside your PC.  It includes a slide-out tray for placing the keyboard and a concealed compartment besides the two compartments for keeping other items such as DVDs and books. The plush looking desk looks equally perfect in your home as well as your office space. Being compact in size, the L-shaped Office desk will fit into any home or office area with ease. It is available in black and cherry colors to choose from.

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Studio RTA A-Tower Corner Wood Computer Desk with Hutch in Pewter and Cherry

2.Studio RTA A-Studio RTA Tower Corner Wood Computer Desk with Hutch in Pewter and Cherry:

This computer desk with a hutch has a slide out keyboard shelf of 31.5” width which is plentiful. You can place the keyboard at the same level to your wrists with this desk. You get to maximize your workspace within a limited area. Also, it has a long lasting durability as it is made up of steel tube. This feature also provides the much-needed rigidity to its frame. You will easily get to adjust it to the ground with its floor levelers. There is more than one compartment here where you can keep your cabinets, books, DVDs and important peripherals of the computer.

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Cabot Collection Corner Desk with Hutch

3.Cabot Collection Corner Desk with Hutch:

This desk and hutch combo is perfect for keeping your workspace in a corner. There is an adequate sized cubbies here which is ideal for keeping a printer or the CPU cabinet. There are also many compartments all over the desk so you can keep your work files at hand. Even though this desk can be used for home or office, it might be more appropriate for your home as because it is adjustable to the corner. It has a low profile and a very small footprint which makes it ideal for small spaces, even though you’re never really left wishing there was room on it.


Flash Furniture Blue Corner Computer Desk with Hutch

4.Flash Furniture Blue Corner Computer White Desk with Hutch:

This is really a miniscule workstation which at a glance appears to be very flexible. The shelves are all laminated and painted white. It is a very minimalistic workstation which can be placed perfectly where there is a lack of space in your home or office. Also, it consists of additional speaker shelves on two sides of the desk and there is also a top shelf where you can accommodate the main speaker. You don’t have to worry because the top shelf has protective siding so it bears its weight. The shelf has an added splash of blue hue which makes it attractive.

Sauder Office Furniture Harbor View L-Desk with Hutch and Reversible Storage, Cherry/Antique Black

5.Sauder Office Furniture Harbor View L-Shaped (Corner) Desk with Hutch and Reversible Storage, Cherry/Antique Black:

This L shaped hutch desk is very useful for the corners and other areas. It has an adequate dimension of 14.125”W x 19.5’D x 23.25”H making it neither too small nor too big to adjust. Also, it has a letter or legal file drawer where you can keep those big files. On the right-hand side, there is a vertical CPU holding storage unit as well. There’s a grommet hole that can store the cords so that the space remains completely free of clutter. Other than these, two utility drawers are present for holding small and useful things. The entire desk has a melamine finish and a wood hardware.

I-shaped Computer Desk With Hutch

Sauder Camden County Computer Desk with Hutch, Planked Cherry Finish

1.Sauder Camden County Computer Desk with Hutch, Planked Cherry Finish

The desk has a compact slide out keyboard and mouse keeping shelf, with open storage shelves of big and small sizes on the top. Unlike other desks, these shelves are actually accessible and they do not get blocked by the monitor area where you can keep really important stuff. There are also hidden storage areas behind the doors and the drawers. Also, there is an enclosed storage area for the CPU and a convenient drawer where you can store other peripherals in place.

Sauder Harvest Mill Computer Desk with Hutch, Abbey Oak Finish

2.Sauder Harvest Mill Computer Desk with Hutch, Abbey Oak Finish:

This desk is made with abbey oak finish and it has a pretty enclosed appearance. You have an enclosure on the keyboard’s space and there is a big vertical CPU storage space on the left which too is enclosed. The storage shelves on top are divided and there’s an adjustable shelf behind the door. The flip down molding is very flexible on the keyboard slide out. The overall shelf is pretty ideal for a quiet workstation either at your home or office. It has an elegant appeal because of its oak finishing and would look great with other interiors.

Sauder Orchard Hills Computer Desk with Hutch, Carolina Oak

3. Sauder Orchard Hills Computer Desk with Hutch Carolina Oak:

This computer desk is made with the beautiful Carolina Oak which is what gives it an elegant appearance. It is fully equipped with safety stops and metal runners. There are two types of storages in this computer desk: one is the stubby hole storage which is at the bottom of the desk and there are open compartments above your main desk. These two can be used to keep your important peripherals or other files & books which you constantly reach for. There is also a raised panel behind which there is a door. Overall this desk is pretty full with storage units and it looks pretty sturdy too.

Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk with Hutch - Antiqued Paint finish

4.Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk with Hutch – Antiqued Paint finish:

The USP of this desk is probably its T-lock assembly system which puts everything in order. The desk appears to be neat and has three drawers to keep your desk sorted. There is a storage area for keeping the vertical CPU intact. The lower drawer holds full extension sized European letters; so you can store those big files and important elements anytime. Also, the desk holds space for keeping your printer. It has both cubby hole as well as vertical storage. Besides that, there are compartments which can hold your books or show pieces. The keyboard and mouse shelf completes the entire structure without any flaws.

Inval CC 5901 Laura Collection Computer Work Center with Hutch

5. Inval CC 5901 Laura Collection Computer Work Center with Hutch:

This desk consists of three distinct shelves to hold its accessories. There are risers along with chrome metal handlers. The keyboard and mouse shelf has metal slides so they will be retained for longer periods. One of the pedestals of this desk is open and vertical where you can keep your CPU or other storages item and another is where you can keep all your important files because it has drawers. Basically, there are three drawers which are of adequate sizes to store DVDs and books. Apart from that it also has shelves for keeping show pieces. The top shelf is large enough to hold a printer.

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U-Shaped Desks

Sauder Office Furniture Heritage Hill Collection Classic Cherry Executive U-Desk with Hutch

1.Sauder Office Furniture Heritage Hill Collection Classic Cherry Executive U-Desk with Hutch

Lovely outlook it well serve well if you are angling for that traditional office looks. The wood used to make this furniture is durable and you will not be looking at buying another set in a long while.  The laminated surfaces make maintenance easy. The flawless aspect of the Sauder office furniture hill collection classic cherry executive desk gives it an executive look. The sturdy nature of the desk and its hutch are impressive, durable and offer the promise of stability.

The collection is U-shaped therefore, undeniably, giving ease of access when moving around your workstation. Your files, stationery, and computer are within reach without encumbrance.

This collection however, takes up a large area of space and is not ideal for small offices it will dwarf the whole room.

Sauder office furniture heritage hill collection classic cherry executive U-desk with hutch comes ready to assemble. You need to follow the instructions meticulously and set aside adequate time to piece all together.

Bestar Harmony U-shaped Workstation - Chocolate


2. Bestar Harmony U-shaped Workstation – Chocolate

Bestar Harmony U-shaped workstation is truly harmonious comes with drawers enabling you to keep your files in one convenient place. One lock secures the two drawers—handy. The space is, unfortunately, limited to one utility drawer and one file drawer not much storage if you have a lot of paperwork as beautiful as it is this U-shaped workstation would best function at home.

No scratches, no unsightly stain because the desk has a melamine finish and is resistant to such everyday occurrences like a stain from that much-needed cup of coffee.

The color is magnificent it blends in with most furniture due to its adaptive quality.  The workstation is accommodative, there is adequate room for your monitor, keyboard, books and you can still write comfortably.  You will enjoy customizing your workstation to meet your needs, and add some decorative pieces like pictures.

 Bestar Executive U-shaped Workstation in Chocolate

3. Bestar Executive U-shaped Workstation in Chocolate

A most functional unit, and with a color that fuses into any space. The Bestar executive U-shaped workstation is designed to allow accessibility around your workstation. It does not come with the chair, a functional orientation no frills or fancies. It is executive as well as *+-practical, strong and every day wear and tear is not a threat, the surface has an invaluable melamine finish.  This U-shaped workstation has a surface that is resistant it does not chip and holds no evidence of stains.

This workstation is ideal for a home setup; it has specifications that would limit an office with more demands. If you use it for a workplace let it come as an additional piece of furniture and not the main station. It is sturdy and will give you service for a long span of time.

 Bestar Executive U-shaped Workstation in Chocolate

4. Bush Furniture Dark Cherry and Galaxy Series A U-shaped Corner Desk with Hutch

Look at that fantastic use of a corner. This bush furniture dark cherry and galaxy Series A U-shaped corner desk with a hutch calls out for use in every corner available.  Series A does not limit you to just one layout. You can opt for a U-shaped or an L-Shaped setup from the pieces available. Totally versatile to help you customize your office layout.

The storage facility is impressive; this U-shaped corner desk with a hutch will definitely meet your expectations on that end.  One setback is that the desk cannot sustain heavy equipment; your monitors have to be lightweight.

This delightful bush furniture dark cherry and galaxy Series A U-shaped Corner desk with a hutch has a thermally-infused lamination. Stains, scratches are no threat and the edges are toughly banded to resist any dents.

 Bestar Executive U-shaped Workstation in Chocolate

5. Manhattan U-shaped Computer Desk with Hutch

How delectable, look at the tones blended in this magnificent Manhattan U-shaped computer desk with a hutch. The rich chocolate and the warm maple mingled together will just about fit in with any décor. There is no question or doubt as to strength, sturdy nature and profitability of this  computer desk.

Beauty was incorporated with functionality, so pleasantly pieced together is this computer desk. Quality was also taken into account; consider that the drawers have ball bearing glides, easy movement. To complete its main function, it comes equipment with a wiring system, no gory looking cables to be seen. They are safely tucked away.

The U-shaped gives you room to access whatever at your computer is within reach: drawers, monitor, keyboard and space still available to work.

To crown it, this entire beautiful Manhattan U-shaped computer desk has a melamine finish. You do not have to worry about stains or scratches this surface provides that all important protection.

So these are the best kinds of computer desks which are available with a hutch. However, now that you know these, you also need to know which ones are good for the types of space in your home or office. If you want them purely for an office space, then the desk should have different features because of the environment and the spacing in a typical office. On the other hand, there are different kinds of desks that are just right for homes. Let us find more about these:

 Corner Computer Desk

Corner computer desks:

If space is your concern, then corner computer desks might be good for you. Since they have almost tapered sides, they fit perfectly into the corners. Sometimes their triangular shape makes it comfortable for you to ward off all the distractions while you are at your desk. So if you’re working from home and you want a desk that will free you of commotion, then this is the one you should go for. Some desks have spaces for CPUs, keyboards, printers and speakers as well. Corner computer desks are available in both high range as well as cheap affordable rates.

 Corner Computer Desk

Working desks at office: 

This type of desk is more commonly known as the executive desk. It is ideal for office scenarios if you have plenty of space there because the executive desks are pretty large in shape. Since it has a lot of space, it also has more compartments and storage units to keep all your stuff together.It makes for a functional space at work; but besides that it is also a great piece of interior design adorning your office. Large cabinets filled with these cabinets make for great presentation pieces. Usually, they are traditional in design but nowadays modern features like grommets holes and slide out drawers for keyboards make these much more efficient and neat to have. The working desk can be a little on the high end in terms of prices.

The armoire computer desk:

Many people don’t know about the armoire, but they often see it in workspaces. The armoire is a special type of computer desk ideal for multiple rooms. These are good for those who need a large amount of space as a workstation for their office or home environment. The desk itself is large enough to hold all your computer peripherals such as printers, scanners, speakers, and webcams. These are designed for being used at their maximum capacity with slide out mouse pads and keyboard areas. There is also space for easy access to the tower as well as a raised monitor keeping area for better viewing. So it is a highly functional desk which keeps all your necessities in mind. The armoires also feature decorative doors in front of the computers which can be shut when you are not using the computer – making it look extremely productive and also keeping it safe in case you have little kids around. Usually, the armoire computer desks are on the affordable price range, however, a few exquisitely crafted ones can be expensive.

  • Secretary desk with a Hutch:

    This is a desk which is sold with hutches that are optional. So if your office space is a little small then these are the ideal workstations for your secretary which is why they are named secretary desk with hutch. Even though hutches are a good option because they provide you the adequate space to keep all the documents and other important items in place, it is an option in many cases. If your office space could use a little extra attachment to hold files, then get the desk with a hutch. These desks usually range within average and very affordable prices.


How to choose the best computer desk with hutch as per your need?

So now we have told you about the different kinds of computer desk with hutch that are out there. Which one do you choose that has the hutch you need? This is a good question. There are several types of hutches which have ‘L’ shape or even the desks which have hutches of only a small size. One of the factors definitely is your availability of space, another factor is a number of belongings that you need at your disposal. You need to choose a desk which will not only provide you enough space but will also be fully utilizable.

If you have a large computer desk but very little things to keep, then things might not be very ideal. This is why you must analyze which type of desks you need using a few considerations:

U shaped desks allow you to stretch out and store a lot of items under one roof. But they do require a lot of space to be built. L- Shaped ones require less space than U shaped ones.

Whether you choose L-shaped or U-shaped desks, you will be stuck with that particular choice at all times because they are usually fixed at a particular part of the room. They do go well with different room layouts though. So think in the long-term as to what you would prefer to have.

Furthermore, for knowing the quality, you have to check the drawers and see if they open with ease. Also, high-quality wooden drawers come with an interlocking system of construction. Instead of just sticking the drawers with staples or glue, this is a better option in terms of quality.

Check out the corners and the edges of the desk. Do you notice any fraying? You don’t want to. Also, ask about the warranty period – that gives you a good idea about its durability. Usually the warranty is anywhere between a year to a few years, or even a lifetime in cases of premium high-quality desks.


A computer desk with hutch is mostly a one-time investment unless you plan on having more than one in your home for multiple users. So why not take time out for researching a good one that is absolutely dependable. Start by visualizing the desk not just as a utilitarian space, but as one which is inspiring as well as looks good with other furniture in your home/office. With just these steps in mind, buying the right computer desk can become easier than ever.

Style: A computer desk, when installed, is going to become a part of your interior decoration. Does having a white desk with hutch go well with the overall furniture and shade in your living room? It is also believed that keeping your workspace pleasing to the eyes can make you more productive. So you don’t want to miss this tiny detail when you are taking care of everything else. The computer desk is going to be the focal point of your center of work; so you have to make it even if the slightest bit, attractive. So don’t ignore your preferences of styling and color when choosing it.Storage and area: Some desks are not very practical even though they have huge storage spaces. Built-in hutches usually have more storage spaces than the hutches which are placed later. Also, will it be easier for you to have a drawer on the left side or the right side? Do consider that. A computer compartment is fine but do remember that it might cause problems with air flow.

A pull out surface which is often a part of the construction of a rectangular or L-shaped desk is a good consideration. If you have multiple monitors, you will need a larger space on the top table. If you like to keep every folder and file at hand, you will need more drawers and that too on the right side. So keep these things in mind before you finalize the desk.

Desk Shape: Every desk shape has its pros and cons, but then not every desk shape is ideal for everyone. Here are how these desks work best based on their shape: Armoires are good for open spaces and bedrooms because you can close them after your work is done. They also do not take up a lot of surface space so you can keep them anywhere.

Corner desks fit into rooms with different kinds of layouts. But you will be stuck in a corner with your back towards the door at all times.

Ergonomics: Many people ignore the ergonomics related to computer usage and that is why they are more prone to injuries. You can make your office workers more productive by giving them ergonomically suitable chairs and tables which support them. Even though it may seem to you that all you need is a tool to keep flat on the surface, making an ergonomically good decision is better in the long run. Not all computer desks will have a keyboard slide that is ideal for you, or the computer storage which will not hit your ankle. So you must be clear about these things before you go on to purchase that corner desk with hutch.
Quality: Attention must also be given to the desk material and construction. It could be a matter of style or a lifestyle consideration. In terms of material, laminate is one of the most popular choices among buyers because the laminate is very durable and affordable. If however, you come across extremely cheap laminates, then it is better to avoid them because they usually aren’t durable or sturdy in the long term. Steel desks and metal desks are sturdier. You can always test the quality of the desk by weighing the desk – that alone will tell you about the quality that has been perpetuated into its material.